DJ Tip 101


Over time, I have observed some trends I feel that need to be addressed. A change in these trends will help the up and coming DJ community in Nigeria and the world. To promote the growth of this group, I have decided to share some tips which can be used to better your brand and promote your craft as a DJ with little or no money. Let’s get right into it the DJ tip 101:


Often times upcoming DJs do not know the power of appearance. It has the power to define how the people out there will see you. If you want to be like any top DJ, go to their social media handles and see the quality of pictures they post. I am not saying all your pictures have to be clean cut but try to have a few. True is the saying “don’t judge a book by the cover” but in this case, the cover will determine if people will read the book.


This cannot be overemphasized. Packaging is key in this industry. Make sure you get an art cover done for your Mixtapes and Songs. It is important!


Always make sure your social media details is on your art cover. It is one of the easiest ways for people to contact you and get to know more about you and your craft.


Yes you have created a great Mixtape. You have it on top sites and you shared the link for people to download it but let me put you in on a little secret- some people still prefer to see your playlist before they download your mix. You will never see a mixtape from DJ Kentalky, DJ Baddo, DJ kaywise or DJ Real without a playlist attached to it. If these DJs do it, you should too.


Despite the fact that there are almost a 100 music sharing platforms out there, you can never be too sure which platform has your fans. To be safe, get your work on as many platforms as you can have access to. Aside these Music sharing platforms, there are also dedicated websites like which offers free access to get your songs and mixtapes on their platforms.


As you grow in your craft, you should try to distinguish yourself from the park by having a Signature look or a Signature saying. For example, you notice Dj Spinal from his Cap, Dj Neptune has made the words ‘Sounds from Neptune’ his own. When you hear ‘to copy this tune’ you can only think of Dj Cuppy and so many other examples can be cited. Look at yourself, your craft and decide what you want to be known for.


This is by far the most important tip not just for the DJ but anyone in the creative industry. Nobody wants you to succeed better than yourself, so blow your own trumpet, never stop talking about yourself, you just might talk to the right person soon.

I believe these tips have been helpful and will improve your brand as a Disc Jockey. If you have other tips please feel free to add them in the comment section and also share this article with friends.

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